How Do Denver Companies Provide Water Damage Repair?

If your home has been damaged by water as a result of a flood, a leak, a burst pipe, sewage backup or a fire extinguishing process, the service provider to turn to is a water damage repair company. These first responders are the professionals who provide services related to the mitigation of water damage through cleaning and the implementation of measures to protect the home as well as its contents from further harm, but most of them do not provide home repair and restoration services, unless they carry the necessary state-issued license and have a contract with the owner of the damaged property for those services.

Here is how the water damage repair process goes.

The First Steps

The first thing to do right after you notice the water damage is to call your insurance representative. Insurance companies usually have their own lists of approved contractors, including Denver water damage restoration companies, so your insurance agent or broker will be able to provide you company names to contact. When talking to your insurance representative, discuss the tasks, if any, that you must handle to mitigate the damage before the damage repair team arrives. These tasks might include turning off the electricity on the property and making sure that the home has been evacuated. In many cases, insurance representatives take over the task of contacting the restoration company – until that happens and while you are waiting for the restoration team to arrive, it is a good idea to take picture or to record videos of the damage site, in case the evidence is required for the insurance claim process.

Denver water damage remediation

You must know that you, as the owner of the damaged home, are not required by the law to accept the company recommended to you by your insurance representative. You are free to choose any water damage restoration company – whether or not you choose the service recommended to you by your insurer, you will be responsible for any arrangements with the service provider regarding the water damage repair process. However, working with the company recommended to you by your insurer makes the entire process much faster and easier because that way, you will not have to spend time looking for a service provider yourself.

When the Water Damage Restoration Team Arrives

After the company’s team arrives, show them the damaged area and discuss the details of the clean-up process. The restoration team will perform an evaluation of the damage and will provide you a written cost estimate as well as a contract. Take the time to read and understand both documents, then sign them if you agree with the terms and conditions. The duration of the water damage repair process and the technologies used will depend on the extent of the damage and will probably involve the use of pumps to extract the water and the usage of various other devices and machines necessary for the clean-up.

When the restoration team has completed the clean-up, you should start working on your compensation claim file to be submitted to the insurer. You can ask for your insurance representative’s help with that process. If your claim is approved, the damage restoration expenses will be covered by your insurer, but if your claim is rejected, you will have to cover for the expenses yourself.

Water damage restoration companies also provide Colorado asbestos removal, fire damage mitigation and mold removal.