Is it Worth the Investing in New Kitchen Countertops?

The short simple answer to this question would be: Definitely! New countertops can really make your kitchen pop and ca add that splash of color it needs on order to really be a room people love being in. But not everybody is so easily convinced about why this is such a great solution for their kitchen. Some may say that the countertops they already have, although old and worn, are still good for them. Others may even think that a table is just as good as a modern countertop. Well, obviously, these people need to better understand the advantages a new countertop has.

Firstly, countertops have a very precise function: they offer a flat surface for people to prepare and serve food on. That means that a countertop can’t be wobbly or have dents in it. Many old countertops, made out of wood or even wood chipboard, can’t withstand the intense usage for long time. This is why most of them are cracked or scorched or water damaged. This makes them unsafe and actually a hazard to use when cooking food. Splinters can get in the food, crockery can fall over and stuff can get spilled. This is why most people that have this kind of countertops in their homes choose to look for other solutions.

Another thing about countertops is that they provide a work area right next to where the “action” is. In the old days, people would have to be hunched over a table or sitting at it and then going from the table to the stove or to the fridge and then back in order to get each ingredient for a meal. Countertops eliminate this problem by creating a work space right next to every appliance and household item one needs to prepare their food. No more aching backs from bending over a low table. Countertops can be mounted on brackets at exactly your preferred height. Also, there’s no risk of spilling or dropping things on your way from the table to the stove anymore.

Denver countertops

“Sure, they’re great and all, but aren’t they expensive?”, some people may ask. Well, it all depends on what you are looking for. High-end materials such as marble or quartz can get a bit pricey. But the investment can be fully recovered in the eventuality of a sale. Also, if you have your heart set on natural stone, there are more affordable alternatives. Denver countertops showroom designers say that granite is one of them. It may sound dull at first, but granite is actually a very resistant stone, that works great for countertops. If you don’t necessarily want natural stone, artificial solutions are also available. Countertops made out of epoxy resin are great for those who want to express their creative sides and bring a little playfulness to their kitchens. They can be made at any dimensions and can have very interesting patterns. Plus, you can even join in the process of creating them, if you have creative inclinations, or if you just want to experiment using epoxy.