A Look at the Most Common Time Frames People Rent Storage Units

People who rent Colorado Springs storage units typically do so for a limited amount of time. While you might want to store something for an indefinite amount of time, or you just want a storage unit that you can use for various items from time to time, it is most common for homeowners to rent storage when they move and they need a temporary place to store their most precious and valuable items.

Other times, it’s simply a matter of furniture or large appliances not fitting properly in their new homes. So they get a storage unit to keep them safe until they can figure out another solution.

Colorado Springs storage units

Why Do People Use Storage Units in the First Place?

You might need a storage unit if you have summer vehicles that you want to store safely for the winter. Or maybe you own valuable jewelry and equipment that might be worth a lot of money. These are just some of the reasons why you and many others might consider renting storage units.

The typical process for renting a storage unit, however, is as follows:

  1. A homeowner might consider selling their old home and moving into a smaller one to save money and/or settle some older debts.
  2. While their new house might be cheaper, it also has a lot less space, and it can take time before they’re able to expand it, remodel their attic or build a shed for excess stuff.
  3. The homeowner will then look up Colorado Springs storage units that can help them store all their additional items safely and securely, while keeping only the main essentials in the new house.
  4. They will continue to pay monthly rent for the unit, and sometimes even rent an additional unit to hold more of their belongings when they need to renovate the new home more extensively.

The idea is basically to keep certain items safe on a temporary basis, which typically extends to however long the move or the renovation job might take.

The Amount of Time Homeowners Use Storage Units

You could need storage for just a month, or you could need it for an extended period of time, which can take many months or even years. In most cases, a simple move will only require you to keep your belongings in storage for one, maybe two months. In rarer cases, some of the items will stay in storage while you try to sell them, distribute them to other family members or build additional storage or prepare an area on your property where you can keep it. That process can often take many months.

There are many people who also use seasonal storage, for keeping vehicles and other equipment safe during the winter (or summer) season, if they don’t need to use it then.

Finally, there are some who utilize Colorado Springs storage units to keep items that they don’t really use and even to keep replacing it with new items, as they get rid of them or sell them. These can be collectors or resellers who prefer the added safety and security of advanced storage solutions, to keeping their items at home.