What Is the Average Size of a Storage Unit?

Fort Smith storage units

Storage units come in many shapes and sizes, allowing everyone to pick the best fit for the purpose of usage, therefore calculating an average size would not be very useful for determining the specific unit to choose. Rather than giving you a calculation based on standard unit sizes, here are the most common sizes for Fort Smith storage units available from storage facilities and a few tips about how to determine the size that works best for you.

Standard Unit Sizes

Most Fort Smith facilities are prepared to cater for various needs in terms of unit sizes:

  • 5 feet by 5 feet units – the size is perfect for storing seasonal décor items, such as your Christmas decorations, your garden tools and some pieces of furniture that are not too bulky;
  • 5 x 10 units – these are perfect for accommodating the items that go into a mid-sized bedroom, including a dresser, a large bed, a TV set as well as items packed in medium-sized boxes;
  • 5 x 15 units – they can accommodate whatever goes into a large bedroom, bed, dresser and accessories included;
  • 10 x 10 units – these are suitable for taking up whatever is used for furnishing a large family room and they also offer space for large and medium-sized boxes;
  • 10 x 15 units – this size is similar to the size of a garage for one car and can easily accommodate the items from three full bedrooms, including bulky furniture, such as couches, beds and tables;
  • 10 x 20 units – the size of a standard garage, these containers are suitable for storing large furnishing items, such as couches as well as large household appliances, such as a refrigerator, a clothes dryer and a washing machine;
  • 10 x 25 units – perfect for storing whatever goes into a 3-bedroom home, including smaller items packed into medium-sized and large boxes as well as furniture;
  • 10 x 30 units – all the contents of a 5-bedroom home can fit in comfortably.

Levels of Equipment Available with Self-Storage Units

Most storage facilities offer units in air-conditioned buildings to allow for the safe storage of items that are sensitive to the exposure to moisture and temperature variations as well as outdoor units that provide safe storage for items that are not sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. All facilities are fenced and guarded 24/7, providing your items the highest level of security.

How to Choose the Unit of the Right Size

To be able to choose the best unit size, make a list with all the items that you want to move into the storage unit and try to estimate the amount of space that the items packed in boxes will require. Measure the bulkier items that need to go into the storage unit and figure out how to protect their surfaces to make them suitable for packing boxes on top on them to increase available space. Also determine whether you need an air-conditioned unit – outdoor units are usually larger, more suitable for large items.

Why Use A Shared Workspace?

Why Use Shared Workspace Denver Located

Shared workspace buildings can be found in all the cities where small businesses and start-ups are thriving. These are places where many entrepreneurs find affordable office space and flexible terms of lease. Many successful businesses started in a shared workspace before they reached the level when they need a larger space for all the employees.


Shared Workspace – A True Business Hub

As every entrepreneur who used shared workspace knows, you get more than just a professional looking place in which you run your business. This is a true community of young entrepreneurs, of angel investors looking for opportunities, of professionals ready to take up a challenge.


Thus, the reasons for renting shared workspace go beyond finances. A shared workspace building is a standalone world, where start-up owners can grow their businesses and their own management skills. Just as large companies and international corporations rely on chambers of commerce to network, small businesses rely on this business hub to become successful.


As things stand, there are so many reasons to choose a shared workspace if you have just opened a business. The most important ones are:


  1. Access to Many Business Facilities

As a new business owner, you find out that you need many facilities and office equipment to keep it running. You already have a computer, as nothing can be done in business or even personal life without it. But you soon realize that you also need a printer, a scanner, a projector – as well as someone to fix them when they malfunction.


Instead of sinking your entire available budget into these devices, you can benefit from access to such facilities in a shared workspace Denver located at an affordable price. And, whenever you need help to set up the equipment or get it to work properly, a specialist will arrive promptly in your rented office.


  1. A Professional Environment for Meetings

You may have heard of young start-up owners who meet with potential partners in cafes or lounges. This may work for the first exploratory meetings. However, when you need to draw up and conclude an agreement and negotiate business terms, you should be in the privacy of an office.


A professional looking office will lend credibility to you as an entrepreneur and will represent a very strong point in your favor. This is especially important if you are trying to convince someone to invest in your business.


  1. A Chance to Test Your Business Idea

Starting out in business in a shared workspace has another benefit you may not consider. As you socialize with other entrepreneurs, you obtain their feedback on your business idea. Thus, you may discover a new niche, a unique selling proposition you hadn’t thought of or even the opportunity to transform your entire business idea and take it to a different direction.


Running a business on an untested idea can be a very expensive mistake. Thus, the sooner you get honest feedback on it, the better for you.


  1. Gain a Little Notoriety

In business, the first step to success is to be seen and known. In other words, exposure matters very much in building a brand name from scratch and finding your first clients. In a shared workspace, there is lot of word of mouth going around. People talk over coffee, at the water fountain and during lunch breaks. Thus, you get the chance for free advertising and getting the first foothold on the path to growing a successful business.

Should You Buy A New Home or A Resale?

Homes For Sale In Area Code 80016

Buying property is a complex decision that involves many aspects and many decisions regarding the size, the location, they type and the layout of the property to purchase as well as numerous financial decisions. One of the most important things that property buyers need to make up their mind about is the age of the property to choose – in other words, one of the most important decisions to make is whether to buy a new home or a resale. Here are some aspects to consider when making that choice.

Maintenance, Safety and Comfort

New homes are usually fitted with brand-new appliances and have lots of safety and security features that make life easy and comfortable in the home. New buildings also comply with the latest building regulations and many of the potential issues that can come up in a new building are covered by the warranty offered by the homebuilder, so buying new will give you the benefits of functionality and compliance.

One of the benefits of resale homes, however, is that most used buildings are already fitted with comfort features, such as blinds or alarm systems, that new homes usually do not include and are quite expensive to get.


Property development usually expands the city limits, which means that newer homes are more likely to be located in suburban areas, while older homes might be available in or close to the city center as well. Due to changing land use patterns, most older family homes are located on larger plots of land than new buildings and older apartments are also larger than new ones, so if you are looking for space as well as for central location, you might want to look at resales and homes for sale 80016 area code.

Unique Style

This is another field in which resale homes rank higher. Most new properties use standard layouts and offer very little room for remodels and for adding your personal style. Older properties, on the other hand, offer more opportunities for improvements, for changing the layout through expansion, therefore adding your own personal touch to the property is easier with older homes.

The layout of the two types of buildings is also an aspect of differentiation: while new buildings usually feature standard modern layouts, such as open kitchen spaces, with resale property, the buyer is more likely to find buildings that still use traditional spaces, such as living rooms and dining rooms.

Financial Aspects

The resale market in most areas is more affordable than the new home market – with the same amount of money you can probably buy a larger resale home and a smaller new property. Another benefit of resale homes is that the buying process usually leaves more room for negotiation – when you buy a new property directly from the developer, you have much smaller space for price negotiations.

When it comes to property financing options, on the other hand, it is usually easier to obtain financing for new homes than it to get the money you need for resale property. If you want to buy new, you might also be able to get some help directly from the developer, too.

Moving Tips to Make It Go Smoothly

Moving home doesn’t necessarily have to be stressful and difficult – with some careful planning and a good strategy, moving can go smoothly. Many people think that moving over long distances is more difficult than moving to your new home located in a neighborhood in the same town. Well, the only thing that is easier if you are moving to another district is the traveling – the rest of the process, the planning, the packing, the logistics is pretty much the same, no matter how far or how close your new home is. Here are some tips for you that you can use for making the moving process as hassle-free as possible, whatever the distance between your old life and your new home.

Plan Ahead

Starting the planning phase at least a month before the date of the moving and taking your time to handle each process phase is the best way to reduce the related stress. Create an action plan for the packing and organization – start with an inventory of the items that you have to pack, then allow yourself sufficient time to sort through all the items in your home and to decide what you can get rid of and what you want to take to your new home and don’t rush the selection of the moving service either. Start dealing with utility companies early – some service providers take weeks to cancel subscriptions or to move subscriptions to a new address.

Gather All the Supplies that You Need

The packing supplies you will need include boxes of various sizes, plastic bags (transparent ones are the best because you can see what is inside), wrapping paper and bubble wrap for the fragile items, string, scissors, utility knives, duct tape and markers.

Arvada moving companies

Tips for Packing and for Moving Day

Here are some tips from Arvada moving companies to make the packing process more effective:

  • Never pack books into very large cardboard boxes – books are heavy and large boxes full of them are impossible to move;
  • You can pack blankets, sheets, towels, bedding, even clothes into plastic bags, that way you can use the boxes for fragile items and objects that need to be protected, such as household appliances and cutlery;
  • Pack important documents, such as utility contracts, school documents, medical records, birth certificates, into a separate backpack or bag and have that bag at hand;
  • Label the boxes clearly to know what each of them contains. If you are very meticulous, you can use labels of a different color for the items that go into different rooms, such as blue for the items from the bedroom, orange for the kitchen, and so on;
  • Pack a bag with the items you might want to use right after you arrive at your new home, when your belongings are still in bags and boxes. Pack toiletries, towels, pajamas, bedding, medication, whatever would make the transition to your new environment smoother. Keep the bag at hand and label it, too;
  • Get help for moving day – invite your friends and family, prepare water, snacks, maybe order pizza for your helpers.


Hot Kitchen Cabinet Colors


Color Ideas For Kitchen Cabinetry

Should your kitchen look stylish and fashionable? Definitely! Just like the living room and the bedroom, the kitchen is an important part of your home and it should look its best. After all, you are spending valuable time in there – lovingly preparing delicious meals for your family. At the least, you should feel relaxed and inspired in your kitchen, so take a look at the custom cabinets Denver retailers sell for some color options.


The Power of Colors to Change Your Mood

One of the important aspects of a kitchen you will love is the color of its cabinets. Does this surprise you? It shouldn’t. For many years, psychologists and behavioral coaches have affirmed and proved that colors have the power of influencing people’s state of mind.


Thus, when designers recommend specific color schemes for each room in your house, they take into account the way each color influences your mood. Thus, lavender and earth colors (brown, cream, and beige) have a soothing and relaxing effect and are recommended for the bedroom. Blue and green stimulate the mind and invigorate the body – thus, you can frequently find them in your bathroom, the first room you usually go to in the morning after waking up.


What about the kitchen? What kind of colors would stimulate you to prepare healthy, delicious food and have a satisfying meal with your family? We looked around for inspiration, and came up with these hot kitchen cabinet colors.


  1. Red

This is an obvious choice. Red is a color that makes the heart beat faster (proven by doctors) and stimulates the appetite. It is the color of meat, of tomatoes and apples. There is no wonder that many food related companies choose red as a part of their corporate colors (see McDonalds, KFC, etc.).


  1. Yellow

Yellow is a feel good color. It makes people feel more energetic, happier and more motivated. This is a good mindset to have when you are just starting to cook lunch or dinner.


Also, yellow has many pleasant variations – from the glowing sunny yellow to the pale color of straws – and they all look good on a kitchen cabinet.


  1. Dark Blue

This is a color that stimulates the mind, not the emotions, but it starts being more and more popular for kitchen furniture. In combination with off-white and the stainless steel of modern kitchen appliances, it creates a beautiful color scheme.


  1. Sage Green

This pale green color is pleasant to look at, does not cause eye fatigue and is related to the color of leafy greens. Green, in various tones, is a great choice for kitchens. It is the color of nature and it promotes a healthy eating style. You can try a combination of sage green and vibrant green for your kitchen cabinets, tempered by clean white walls.


  1. Granite Grey

A neutral color, this dark grey is preferred by designers of modern kitchen cabinets. It has a sleek, professional look and creates a good contrast with white walls, stainless steel appliances and unvarnished wood.


  1. Orange

The most energy-inspiring color of the palette is also a wonderful choice for the kitchen. Many young people prefer it because it resembles their optimism as new homeowners and starters of a new family.


  1. Aqua

A light green-blue, this color used to be a staple in the bathroom. But it has a clean, modern look and many people start using it in other rooms in their houses, including the kitchen.



Get Your Office Chair Today! – Advantages of a Mesh Office Chair

Numerous studies have been concluded and they show that the human body is not designed to stay 8 hours a day in a chair, and, in this context it will be quite simple to highlight the advantages of a mesh office chair. The truth is that a sedentary life has a harmful effect on the human body. However, we must not start dramatizing, because, fortunately, there are many office chairs well-designed to support the body in the sitting position. These chairs are usually packed with multiple adjustable features and customization options.

The best office chair should allow you to maximize your comfort by adjusting height and orientation. Adjustments must be easy to make by any person who uses the chair.  A good office chair must offer standard lumbar support, height adjustment as well as armrest adjustment, to fit any body size and conformation. Some office chairs have high backrests and head rests that enhance comfort. Other may have rather strange shapes, but they are designed to correct body posture and enhance ergonomics.

Ergonomics, rationalization and economy were factors that propelled the mesh chair, in an amazing way, on the office furniture market. Unlike classic leather chairs, mesh chairs are often easier to adjust, more affordable and generally represent a more comfortable option for users.

Today on the market, you can find many models that you can choose from.

mesh office chairs

Mesh office chairs – THE PROS

Buying an office chair is an important decision, be it for your own use or for your employees. Fortunately, mesh office chairs can be purchased in a wide variety of colors, materials, sizes, and extra options. Mesh represents one of the most popular options when it comes to the material the office chairs are made from. There are several advantages of a mesh office chair that make it a good choice.


When we buy an ergonomic chair, we seek for comfort first and foremost. Mesh office chairs are designed to offer this comfort this comfort, not just thanks to their adjustable features, but also to being soft and pleasant to the touch.


Mesh office chairs come in many colors and designs, unlike ergonomic seats in ecological or natural leather. Thanks to this feature, such a chair will integrates successfully into any office decor.


This type of ergonomic chairs allows the airflow to circulate along the back, which translate into an increased sense of comfort that help you becoming more focused and efficient on your work

Reliability and maintenance

If you never tried a mesh office chair, the mesh may look fragile to you, but it is actually very durable over time. Since ventilation prevents odor absorption and perspiration, there is no worry about dirt or discoloration; therefore, a mesh office hair will only require some minimal care. These chairs are designed on solid plastic or metal frames, adding durability and greatly extending their lifespan, which is definitely one of the main advantages of a mesh office chairs.


How To Save Money On Office Space

Cost cutting might not be possible in all business operations, but when it comes to office space, businesses can considerably reduce their expenses – here are a few tips about how to save money on office space.

Do You Need Permanent Office Space at All?

If you are an independent freelancer, working by yourself or with a small office team, struggling to set apart as much space as you can for your storage or manufacturing activities, it might be a good idea to rent already existing Denver conference rooms for only the periods when you and your staff really need it and to work from home during the rest of the time.

An efficient way to figure out the best office space solution for you is to have a look at your business activities and to figure out whether you need an office space at all and if you do, for how long. Many small business owners stick to the idea of actually having their office staff working on company premises out of habit, but a closer look at what is really going on might take you to the conclusion that your staff can work just as efficiently from home, should they be provided the right tools. The principle communication tools in most businesses are phones and emails, which also means that making your company management system available remotely would allow your office employees to work as efficiently from home as they would from a permanent office. Finding temporary Denver conference rooms would allow you to cut your costs significantly and to maximise the space available for your actual business activities, while also providing a great solution for managing administrative activities and business meetings in an efficient and comfortable manner.

Denver conference rooms

Alternatives to the Traditional Office Space

Many businesses, especially start-ups, don’t need permanent office space, but they do need attractive, well-equipped and easy to access office space for certain situations, such as negotiations, trainings, interviews and other types of meetings and that’s why they see no other way, but to create an office space of their own. The process not only takes up precious square footage unnecessarily, but is also expensive, so here are a few alternatives that cost much less and are much more comfortable, too:

  • Co-working spaces – these facilities have been designed to meet the requirements of business owners who don’t need permanent offices. You can choose to rent one or multiple desks, you will have access to conference rooms and you will pay an affordable monthly or hourly rent for access to the facility;
  • Conference room rentals – these facilities offer attractive rooms equipped with the latest office technologies, in some cases even catering services and staffed reception, allowing you to conduct your business meetings in comfortable environments;
  • Small business incubators – typically offered by local governments and by local business development groups, these spaces are created to stimulate the growth of small businesses by allowing them to reduce their costs. Most facilities offer well-equipped, separate offices and access to technology for very affordable rental fees, making them excellent solutions for business owners trying to figure out how to save money on office space without compromising the efficiency of their operations.

Where are the best places to retire in Arkansas? – Spending your golden age in the Natural State

Live Where You Choose For Retirement

Recent studies show that Arkansas is not exactly the ultimate retirement experience, but ranks rather low in tops based on factors such as weather, the quality of the health care system, costs of living, taxes or senior well-being. The 65-plus population seems to prefer Colorado and Utah, while Arkansas is ranked almost the same as states like Alaska, Hawaii, New York or Missouri.

However, there are many places in Arkansas where people happily spend their golden years, so you must not remove it from your list before learning more about living close to your family and friends here.  Many have bought lakefront homes for sale in Hot Springs AR for their retirement years.

Even if the state doesn`t ranks in the top3, there are plenty of locations in the Natural State that are safe, affordable and convenient for seniors.

Where are the best places to retire in Arkansas? – Batesville, Camden, Mountain Home, Harrison, Paragould or Bentonville are only a few of them. Before picking these up for you, we took into consideration Census data, FBI`s crime reports, data from the National Weather service, as well as other sources.

These locations have low costs of living, low crime, pleasant weather, fair distance to international airports and other facilities, as well as many things to do for seniors. No wonder that there are many retirees who live here happily.

Hot Springs Village is another great pace for people who prefer living in a gated community (one of the largest in the country!). It is located in near the towns of Hot Springs and Little Rock, being also very close to Hot Springs National Park, which is the oldest in the US. People who live in Hot Springs Village are mostly over 45 years old and there are also many retirees.


Reasons to retire in Arkansas

Some of the seniors who are now living here confess that they never imagined that they would end up moving here after their retirement.  Many just came for a vacation or for visiting their relatives and simply became enamored with this green state – so different than the hectic life specific to metropolitan areas.

The natural beauty is truly amazing, in Arkansas, and the retirement may be a great time to discover places of stunning beauty such as the Buffalo River Valley or the Ozark National Forest. Seniors can enjoy many public recreational areas (state parks, rivers and lakes), where they can go hiking, boating fishing or simply exploring the great outdoors. These things can be great during every season

The locations we mentioned above as being great for retirement are mostly cute little towns, with personality and charm, as well as attractions and amenities to appeal everyone. The cost of living is very decent, with affordably priced homes and cheap healthcare and utilities, compared to other places in the state.

Overall, Arkansas is not crowded, considering that it has only 2.9 million residents which means about 55 people per sq. mille. It is a breath of fresh air for people who enjoy airy locations and laid-back living.

Can You Get Out of Your Timeshare? – Ways to Solve a Difficult Problem

Solutions To Get Rid Of Timeshare

Timeshares mean contract-based access to a vacation resort or a vacation facility for a specific duration in a specific period of the year, each year for the duration of the contract. The people who buy into this type of vacationing usually find out about available timeshare facilities by being invited to attend a presentation about the timeshare options. During the presentation, the participants see pictures of the resort and they are shown calculations about how much they can save if they spend their vacations at the resort, rather than visiting a different place each year.

Timeshare facilities certainly look great and at first glance, the price seems affordable, too, but many buyers realize that the timeshare that they have just purchased is not such a good idea after all. While many owners see no way out of their timeshare contract and decide to keep it, if you want to know more about your options, here are a few answers to the burning question: can you get out of your timeshare?

Cancelling Your Timeshare

Most states require timeshare sellers to include special clauses into their sales contracts that allow their buyers to change their minds about the purchase they have made and to get out of the contract without consequences, provided that they notify their seller within the timeframe stipulated in the contract. If you realize that you no longer want your timeshare and you make the decision during the grace period specified in the contract, all you need to do is to notify your seller in a written form about your decision and then to do some follow up to see if your purchased has been cancelled indeed.

Take-back Programs

Many timeshare developers have special take-back programs that you can use to sell your timeshare back to them if you decide to get rid of it after the grace period has expired. The price offered for your timeshare will be probably lower than the price your paid for it when you bought it, but it is still an excellent way to get out of an unwanted contract and certainly much better than having to spend your vacations in a place where you don’t want to go to just because you made an impulse purchase once.

Turn to a Timeshare Lawyer

There are cases when the decision to sell the timeshare comes after the expiration of the timeshare and no take-back program is available. If this is the case that you are facing now, don’t despair, there is still a way out, but it is a good idea to get specialized help. There are many lawyers who specialize in timeshare cases and who know exactly how to get rid of a timeshare legally. Your timeshare specialist will probably contact your seller to negotiate the conditions of a buy-back or will try to find a clause in your contract to convince the seller that taking the property back is a good idea.

Try to Sell Timeshare

Timeshares are quite difficult to sell, but if you advertise it in the right media, not only on real estate websites, but on auction sites and in printed media as well, sooner or later you will probably be able to sell it.


How to Use the Information that You Can Find in Commercial Appraisal Software Reviews and on Forum Discussions

Commercial Real Estate

While many property appraisers still prepare their reports using a word processor program and a few spreadsheet features, there are lots of modern software solutions readily available either to be used in the form of programs installed on the computer or in the form of cloud-based solutions.

Commercial appraisal software solutions are becoming increasingly popular as more and more appraisers recognize the extraordinary benefits of these programs, but the growing demand for these solutions has also increased the number of the appraisal software products available for purchase – an aspect that makes the selection of the most suitable tool increasingly difficult. As it is the case with most products that we buy, appraisal report writing software packages can also be evaluated based on the opinions of others, so here are a few tips about the sources of information that you can use and a few of the most important aspects and features that you should try to find out about while reading commercial appraisal software reviews online.

Finding Out about Available Programs

The easiest way to find out about the appraisal report writing programs is by entering a query into your internet browser. The results page will display lots of options – solutions that vary in terms of the functions available, the type of platform used as well as in terms of pricing. Take the time to visit each of the websites that offer appraisal report writing solutions to find out about the aspects related to pricing and functions and then, if you like what you see, check whether they offer a free demo version to allow you to test the program.

Finding Out What Others Think about Commercial Appraisal Software Solutions with the Help of Reviews

You can learn about the experiences and opinions of other users from review websites and from professional forums. Many review websites compare various programs in terms of the most important features available with different softwares, while on forums you can read discussions among appraisers regarding the programs they use.

Features to Look for

Here are some of the aspects you should pay attention to when reading reviews and forum entries to compare available programs:

  • Pricing – both desktop programs and cloud-based applications come for a price. In most cases, the price is not a one-time sum, but either a monthly subscription fee or a basic price, completed with an additional sum that you have to pay if you need extra features and costs related to upgrades and support, so make sure you factor in all these cost items when calculating the overall costs;
  • Support for narrative reports – if narrative is your preferred report type, figure out if the program you have in mind provides help to make narrative writing faster;
  • Photo management – find out if the software that you have in mind supports the type of camera that you use for taking pics of the properties that you appraise;
  • Mapping – software solutions that have geocoded street maps, flood and zoning maps linked make work much easier, so make sure you find a solution that offers this function;
  • Customizable templates – the best programs offer customizable templates that you can tailor to resemble the format that you have been using previously.